Tasmanian devils have 4 legs but 2 have 5 toes and the others have 4 they also have black and white fur.


The Tasmanian devils diet is turkey and meat they also hunt all night.



When the Tasmanian devil crys that means there happy and when it yawns it means it angry,furocios and upset. the tasmanian devil lives in all parts of tasmania.


They give birth to baby Tasmanian devils and the tasmanian devil stays in the mouthers pouch for 15 weeks and they have to find there own food.


 They live up to 30 years old than they die and onely one Tasmaniaan devil has lived up to 60 years old.


Some bioloigist believe that only 2 animals have stronger jaws the hyena and the great white shark. TasmanianDevil.jpgthis is the Tasmanian devils skull.