The Cheetahs eat Deers wildcats and if they are mean they eat other baby cheetahs and baby lions.




The cheetah lives in all parts of Africa.

Cheetahs live in Africa.

Cheetahs are the fastest animal in the world.external image 650px-Cheetah_chasing_Thompsons_gazelle_crop.jpg

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTDjIDUH7RiOz_JI9Do5pH2ZZ9RaEYes74FmbdJivj7n24G39hjU1BTyMWP
external image 225px-Cheetah_with_impala_kill.jpg
The cheeetahs movement is important to there body because they make their back straight and tail flat. If they want to be sneaky, they hide in long grass.

external image 220px-King_cheetah.jpgking cheetah

Cheetah speed compasion graph
Cheetah speed compasion graph

World cheetah population graph
World cheetah population graph

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