Introduction:They are a type of bird.

Appearance:They have feathers all over there body.They can be bright yellow or yellow and green or even blue and any other colour.They are small birds.

Behaviour:The budgies behaviour is a bit rough and okay when people play with them.

Habitat:Budgerigars live wild in Australia and are domesticated around the world.Their natural habitat is semi-arid regions,(which means short and scrubby vegetation) grassland,bushland,and scrub.Budgies are found across almost all of Australia,apart from the coastal regions.

Diet:The budgie can eat budgie food, cuttle fish and also apple cut up. Some vegetables that are commonly fed are lettuce, carrot, broccoli, sprouts, snow peas, spinach and celery. Lettuce and celery shouldn't be fed too often as they are mostly water and can cause diarrhoea. Some safe vegetables are rock melon, banana, mandarin, orange and apple. Apple seeds or avocado shouldn't be fed to budgies as these are toxic to them.