Introduction:the amazon rainforests are 16 different types of macaws 6 which are endaged or in the vorge of extincion.These birds are thretend by humans who disturb thier habbitat,and destroy their nests.

Blue macaws:

Habbitat:Blue macaws are mostly found in brazil, Rio de janerio and south america in the forests and swamps .

Apperance: Blue macaws are blue or yellow and some are combined with yellow and blue like this pictureblue_macaw.pngas you can see they are colourful and full of excitement and there very smart and intelliegent they also have strong beaks.

Diet:Blue macaws have a big beak for eating things like fruit,nuts,leafy vegtables and bark but they love seeds and leves but they also like small little animals.predators:

blue macaws preditors are harpy eagles,hawk eagle and orange breasted falcon but they losihate ng there Inviroment.fyfyj.pngWieght:2-3 pounds.Height:25-46 centemetres.mating:macaws will make there nests in hollows in dead trees where they will lay 2-3 eggs.The mother will incubate the eggs while being fed and cared.Living:Blue macaws sleep for 10 hours each day when they were babys and in the day they love churping around.Size:and blue and gold macaws size is 85-90 centermeters.

  • external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHxCyAFzo8PIutUCDuzFSSu8-gL6eB0iCDOKqazt4tE0WJB8ndbabys:When there born there eyes are sealed shut and will begin to open in a few weeks to come.[also they can be your pet for life].bejhaw.jpgBehavior:they can fly very fast through the air for a long time and their related to parrots in their inviroment they have all ther friends and family.



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