Diet:Toucans mostly eat fruit,nuts,seeds,lizards,spiders and snakes thats also why they have such big colourful beaks.

Habbitat:Toucans live in Brazil and South America there also found in mexico.

Apperance:Toucans are the colowns of the rainforests the bill of the toucan is lightweight.Its edges are rough like the teeth of a saw their beaks are green,yellow,blue and red their beaks are 20 centermeters long there body is mostly black.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSJkVWRi73wIr9blUzjb2x7eSaciwGqOMpcfybWeqJv--bC_CRVOQlifestlye:they live up to 20 years they have big beautiful wings so they can fly far and fast.




Jordan C