Indian Rhinos are brownish-grey in color and are hairless. They have knobby skin

that appears to be armor-plated. A single horn sits on top of their snout, and

their upper lip is semi-prehensile.


All rhinos are herbivores. Some eat grass; others eat buds, leaves, and fruit.

They all eat a lot! .

They can use their lip as a finger to help them pluck or gather food.

Water is an important resource for rhinos. Not only do they need to drink water,

they also swim in water and wallow in mud. When they wallow, they get covered

with mud. This mud protects their skin from biting insects. Tickbirds and egrets

will perch on rhinos and eat skin parasites they find there.charge.jpgHabitat

The Indian Rhinoceros is found on grasslands, in swamps and in forested areas around the foothills of the Himalayas.

Indian Rhinos tend to be solitary, except females with young, but they sometimes form loose groups and their home ranges often overlap with others.

The size of a home range will vary according to the quality of their habitat, but they can be between 2 and 8 sq. kms (0.75 - 3 sq. miles).


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rhinos predators are humans which means we hunt them down as the same thing they do to elephants.The age of maturity of the Indian rhinoceros differs in males and females. baby_rhino.jpgbreeding A male rhino starts breeding at the age of nine, while a female rhino attains maturity after reaching five years of age only. When the mating season of a female approaches, she whistles to inform the males about the same. The mating season is also a season for dangerous fights between the male rhinos, which may sometimes result in death.

Babby rhino:cool_rhino.jpgThe latest Australia baby rhino was named Savannah and was named by Kate Ash and Alish they won the ebay auction and got to name it. The names they could have chosen were Bindi Robet and Terry but they desided to chose Savannah.Refrences

by harrison and jace.