King cobras live in the plains and rain forests of India.They also live in south east Asia,southen China and Malaysia.As well as Indonisia and the Phillipines.This enviroment supplys them with a good sauce of food and shelter.The king cobra is snake only lives in the northen hemispere.I know for a fact that they migraet from one of these Countrys to another.

A king cobras diet includs mice,small birds and other snakes.It can easly digest venomes snakes with it's mighty jaws in a single gulp.I realy would not like to meet one.Me neither they have enough venom to kill 100000 mice! Also they can kill elephants.And They eat 5 small meals then not eat for a WEEK!!!!
The coulour of a king cobras body is olive and brown with bronze eyes.external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSEpWjAWxi237swydPXdCVsyEt-bJUWGOkxvHxojR_zlp8UQBhuaSMUg2w
They look all slimy but they are actuly realy smooth and soft.If you punch them in tummy it is squishie.I realy like squishie (and fuzzy) things!!!
They have a hood behind their head as you can see in the photo.They grow up to 5.6 meters in length and up to 6 kg in weight.Making them the longest and heavest venomous snakes.
They are the 29th most deadly snake!!! A king cobra makes a nest in which she lay her eggs in.

The King Cobra has forked venemous teeth it is rarely seen at day and it mostloy spends its days sleeping and sometimes huting.


external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSNDlWv5DlT7tganIx3HYZTQJ-FgfXlqvxB3kb43AqwXWlulYTV7FqlNa8
king cobras are very interesting animals!!!!!
Mr. Mc