The honey bee is one of my favourite insects. Here is as much information as I know.


The honey bee has hairy legs that collects the pollen. Bees have a striped abdomen which has the stinger attached to the end of it. The bee also has massive wings that takes the bee everywhere.


Most of the bees diet is nectar.Nectar in Latin means drink of the gods. It is a sweet liquid which is produced by flowers. Bees have a long tongue which collects nectar like a vacuum.


One way honey bees cummunicate is by doing what we call the waggle dance which is a dance in a figure 8. They also communicate with their antennae, we don't know what they say but the queen probably says look after that and you go get some more pollen. The worker bee probably says you get that and I'll get this.
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The honey bee has a venom sack attached to their stinger. The best way to get the stinger out of your skin is to scrape a credit card across your skin and the stinger should pop out.


The drone and the queen mate to make the young bees. When the young hatch they become worker bees.


Honey bee poster,sydney wildlife world.


Cooper S