Introduction:Chimpanzees are another name for monkeys.


Chimpanzees look like large animals.They have large bodies.They have a lot of fur on there bodies.They have large ears on their head.


Chimpanzees eat nuts,plants,fruit and meat.They mostly eat fruit. In long dry seasons when fruit is scarce,tree seeds,flowers and bark become an important part of there diet.Chimps eat big fruit with their hands.

Reproduction:The mother has small babies usually every three or four years.They can breed at any time

he year when the female comes into season.Unlike humans,chimpanzees are rather promiscuous and have short term sexual encounters.

Behaviour:The Chimpanzees behaviour is rough when they fight together and there good behaviour is when they play together or are having a rest relaxing on a tree in the jungle or at a type of zoo.

Habitat:Chimpanzees live in the Tropical Rain forest (in Africa).You can also go and see them in the zoo.They like to live in hot and humid climate.They live in central and Western Africa.It is rare to see Chimps in the open because they live in the Jungles of Africa.

Size:When chimpanzees are standing they are around 1.52 metres in height.Its weight is usually in the range of 29 to 54 kilograms.Chimpanzees have very long arms surprisingly longer then their legs,and a short body covered with black hair except on their face,fingers,palms,armpits and the bottom of their feet.Adult Chimpanzees have a short white beard.


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